Which Are The Best Hedgehog Cages


Choosing a Cage

When one is making a choice for a hedgehog cage, you have to bear in mind the importance of this decision for your pet. Its cage as well as surroundings are worthy attention if shaping your pet’s quality and long life.

Whilst in the wild, researchers state that hedgehog travel distances of about 4-7 miles per night. If given plenty of room, hedgehogs will generally be healthier and happier as they can both exercise and travel around.

Recommended Cage Sizes

The minimum recommended size according to most hedgehog devotees is24 inches x 24 inches or four square feet.

More such important imformation is available at allpetcages.comIt must have the suitable size for accessories like a rolling wheel, box for brooding, sleeping area or nesting enclosure, and feeding area for your pet’s convenience.

A wide variety for types of enclosures for hedgehogs are available on the market. Essentially, the chosen cage should have enough room, well ventilated, easy to clean and able to accommodate other additional sources of heat where necessary.

However, safety is always key in preventing any form of escape as it is laborious to search for a missing hedgehog.

Types of Wire Cages

1. Cages made of Wire

These consist of a concrete end with a hollow pan.Generally have great aeration, can as well be easily added extra heat sources.

A major advantage of these is their tailor made design for small mammals hence there is adequate space as compared to small animal or bird cages.

Importantly,the best hedgehog cage of this type are strong enough to adequately accommodate hedgehogs and most are able to protect them from other pets and small children. Nevertheless, one may notice a huge difference in quality and some brands are easily damaged in daily maintenance.

2. Pans

Usually the most preferred choice as of these are the deep pans as compared to more shallow pans. These deep hedgehog dwellings have a two-fold task of housing the bedding and inhibit the pet from possible escape through climbing.

In general, plastic pans are preferred to metal pans. Even though both are light weight – plastic is rust-free and will maintain its integrity over time. Metal on the other hand rusts becoming harder to clean and disinfect as compared to plastic.

3. Marchiaro cages.

Consisting of a wired top – hinged together by a dual connecting device. A fascinating characteristic is that it has unique locks on the doors, held at the topmost layer and the edges.

4. Plastic Cages

A popular cage according to most hedgehog breeders.


· Affordable.

· Convenient and portable.

· Can be cleaned easily.

· Lids can be left on, drilled or cut in the middle for ventilation


· Trouble in creating enough space for pets.

· Limited access to your pets if you want to view them.


5. Glass Containers

Children often like to use emptied aquariums as see through structures for them to physically observe the hedgehogs daily.

These structures however require space for the pets to play and move around easily. Also one would need bigger aquariums/glass containers to house their pets.

Can be dangerous if small children mill around the structure and they pose an easy escape route for the hedgehogs.