What’s Better Company Than A Case On A Hunt


The tensed moments before shooting an arrow followed by immense relief and peace one feels just after releasing the bow is an experience that should not be missed. Gone are the times when archery and hunting were ‘boy sports’. Hordes of girls and women alike are seen flooding the archery ranges. Little warriors are competing with their friends from a very young age.

With lessons in patience and focus, archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Even people with disabilities have known to ace archery.

Little ladies practising shooting can add a little glamour to their equipment with pretty Pinkcrossbow bow cases in pink.We have reviewed three really pretty and chic cases that you will love to show off at the range and will also cater to all your storage needs.

What to know

The points to remember while buying a perfect carry case for your bows are:

1. The size: Should fit both your bow and arrow.
2. Extra storage options for accessories like release and wax.
3. Protection: Sufficient padding for ensuring safety for your gear.
4. Proper straps for ease of travel.
5. Durability and weather resistance of material and zippers.

3006 Princess Youth Bow Case

This 39-inch pink bow case is elegant and sporty at the same time. It features two compartments. The main compartment can hold compound bows up to 34 inches and the little pocket which is 34″x 5″x 2″ can hold your arrows, release, wax and other accessories. The case has sufficient padding for the complete protection of your equipment. Fresh pink with a hint of a leafy green pattern makes it a great buy.

Easton Genesis 4014 Bow Case

This case has been tailor made for the Genesis bow, and it lives up to all expectations. It is a very basic case, lightweight, with a mesh pocket for your accessories. Again, as promised, the case is in a crisp pink colour. The carry straps come with adjustable buckles, making it easy to carry in your hands or even hoisting it over your shoulders. It is 10″ x 30″ x 14″ and also extremely light on your pocket.

30-06 Princess Crossbow Case Pink Urban Camo

Well, the 30-06 Case is a perfect and sober case for all our warrior princess. With a combination of brown, bluish green graphics and of course, a pink lace and zipper, it is a uber chic case for the ladies. The case comes with an adjustable strap, that can be used to wear the case across your shoulders. The padding is sufficient and ample space is provided for smaller compound crossbows and all accessories. The moisture resistant technology makes this case stand out.

With the perfect pink camo archery cases, ladies will surely make awesome hunting partners. What’s better company than a case on a hunt? It is the perfect accessory to go with your stunning personalities. These pink cases also make a perfect gift for your little aspiring archers and also help you earn some brownie points with your girlfriends.

Geared with this knowledge, we are sure, you girls will make the right choice for the perfect carry case. Wish you all warriors, happy hunting!

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