What To Know Before Buying A Used Car

Buying used car

It’s very surprising that almost every financial expert will recommend buying a used car from the new one.Apparently they give reasons like used cars are better built than new ones, and that car depreciates at a higher rate and many more. Well, people have different reasons for which they buy chattanooga used cars.¬†Maybe it is a financial issue. Maybe it’s reliability or gas consumption but here is the thing: You need to know some basics before hitting the road with that car.

Request Certification

Certification is of two types, one at the dealer level and one issued by the original car manufacturer. Both certifications are a simple way of saying that the car was legally obtained. But when it comes to the dealer certification it’s just a way of reassuring that, if the car break within a specific period say 90 days, that the dealer will fix it with no or reduced cost. Manufacturers CPO ‘s provide a continuity certification regardless of the owner.It’s important to know the kind of certification you are getting.

Inspect the Car

This is the most ignored piece of advice when it comes to buying a used car. You will get guides like test-drive the used chevy around a block, check visibility and many other. All these advice can be summarized by taking that car to an inspection mechanic. Why is this important? You might not be able to see what is under the car. When you go to an inspection expert, he will lift the car and check for evidence of fluid leakages.

If you get serious problems, you will be able to either negotiate for a lower price or back away. If your dealer doesn’t recommend any inspection, then you should ask yourself why? Let the inspection expert check for any defects in the engine, battery, brake fluids, Blake systems. Before going to the dealer, do your research on the kind of car you want. I.e from the make, design, type, size and any other spec that is necessary.
Do not go there blinded. You may in turn buy a car that will frustrate you for the rest of your life. And remember those salespeople can give a tip of a lifetime but at the same time can misguide you. So unless you aren’t sure what to buy. Do not sat ” aah, This is OKAY” Do not buy something because you are told it’s fine. Check it out first.

We have ”curb-stoners”

These are the sketchiest kind of car dealer who buy undesired cars with a salvage title and sell them as his. They are car flippers, i.e., they can buy a scrappy kind of a car, fix it to look in a decent way, and sell it to for a quick profit. Their cars are either written off by insurance companies as a total loss and then disposed of. They can even sell a car that couldn’t sell for many years. These are dealers you should not only run away from them but spit on them.
Once you buy a car from them, if the car develops an issue, ooh my friend!you do not somewhere to turn on. You will have to sort yourself out.

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