Things Men Don’t Know About Being A Lady

Women are complex, we are also confounding and can be extremely difficult to fathom. Throw impossible to predict in the mix and what you end up with is an upgraded version of bamboozling. So y’all guys can now give up on that ‘decipher women’ fantasy; better luck in your next life.


However, that does not mean you shouldn’t try so I will let you in on a secret of things men don’t know about being a lady, which should give you a much needed heads up.

Our crotches don’t smell like perfume; those ones only exist in fiction. Oh yes, you read that right. Vaginas do not smell fruity, edible or anything close to that. Generally, a woman’s coochie should have a salty fruity smell. Not the greatest of smells but it sure is erotic in its own way.

But you already knew that, most of you did anyway. What you didn’t know is that our vaginal odour varies from woman to another, from one time of our cycle to the other, and of course depending on a woman’s hygiene. When straight from the shower, a woman’s coochie is likely to have no smell but might have a strong musky smell at the end of a hot summer day. A day or so after menstruating, the smell tends to be slightly bloody.

When there is a yeast overgrowth, the vagina will have a good malt beer like smell but you definitely want to avoid bumping into one that has a bacterial infection. Yep, a coochie that is infected with the common ‘yeast infection’ will bury you in a strong fishy smell that you are not likely to appreciate.

So now you know, different vaginas, different special smells.

We have hair, and yes, it can grow anywhere on our bodies.

Most women are lucky to have hair grow only in the ‘right’ places, however, that does not apply for every woman under the sun. A woman’s hair can potentially grow from all any part of her body, just like a man’s hair. This may sometimes include face, hands and legs.

Women are very good at removing unwanted hair, she will wax every morning if she has to, which has created the erroneous impression that women have naturally hairless bodies.
Something else you didn’t know is, getting that perfect Brazilian bikini wax you love so much is torture, show some appreciation!

PMS is for real, or is it?

For those who don’t know what PMS stands for, it is Premenstrual syndrome. Those grumpy days before and during, or should we say especially? a woman’s period.

Most of you think PMS is a lame excuse to scream and manipulate you into doing things our way. You are wrong, it’s a great excuse! I am convinced that the concept of PMS was devised by a woman who was looking for a way to scream, yell and call her husband all sorts of names without repercussions, it worked! Every woman owes her for her exceptional intellect. But you got to understand, if you had to deal with 3 days of weenie bleeding on monthly basis, you would be irritable too.

However, let it be noted that for some women, PMS is real and not just an excuse to yell at you.

Those are some of the many things men don’t know about being a lady. Being a woman is glamorous, fun, hard and exciting, all in the same breath; you got to love the art of being a woman. Let’s appreciate our ladies!