PowerPot Review: I.N.C.H. Survival Takes the Powerpot for a Test Drive

Survivalist website reviews this years hottest new portable generator and gives a strong recommendation. I.N.C.H. Survival researches and reviews an assortment of gear to complement 72-hour kits and bug-out-bags.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

Imagine someones life depend on being able to purify water with a UV-water purifier, which is powered by electricity. Then imagine this person has run out of batteries. Will they suck it up and drink the dirty water? Try to make a fire and purify it? Or tough it out and hope some hydration comes along?

Its just this type of situation that I.N.C.H. Survival hopes to help people prepare for. In its latest product review, inchsurvival.com checked out the PowerPot V, a portable cooking pot that creates electricity as a useful byproduct. The device charges USB products, giving it quite a versatile lineup. As whitewolf stated in the blog review, the PowerPot “can charge your smart phone, mp3 player, tablet, usb headlamp, gps, fans, speakers, lights and many other low-power usb devices!”

The review was quite positive, with whitewolf being unable to gauge precise start-up time on the device due to turning around to “move some stuff.” The blog claims the PowerPot started in well under 30 seconds, and continued to provide charge as long as it was over a heat source.

Whitewolf seemed to really enjoy the PowerPot, concluding, “All in all, this is an excellent product that I highly recommend to all of you! If you dont already have one of these, put it on your things to get list. When the power goes out youll have a piece of mind that this handy device will be there to save the day!”

To learn more about the PowerPot, check out their official website http://www.thepowerpot.com.

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