Organic Pest Control

Pests are the plight of every gardener, and even more so for those growing vegetables. Modern pesticides contain many harmful chemicals that you would rather do without. There are far more effective means of deterring pests, without any damaging effect to nature’s ecosystem. Take a look below for several ways to help you with controlling some of these pests without the use of harmful chemicals.


Lady Beetles


There are many beneficial insects that can help you in the garden. One fine example is the lady beetles, better known as ladybugs, which should be one of the gardener’s best friends. Lady bugs need to eat hundreds of bugs that can harm your plants before they lay their eggs. They can spread thousands of eggs in a short time which only take four days to hatch. When you spray harmful chemicals, particularly pesticides it not only kills the target, but it also kills the beneficial bugs as well.


Tobacco Water


The tobacco plant naturally deters pests, but it is unlikely that you will want to be growing this in your garden! Fortunately if you want to make a effective pest deterrent to be applied via a spray applicator, then all you need to do is soak a few cigarettes, or cigarette butts in a container containing about a liter of water, once the water changes color to yellow all you do is spray this once a day over the leaves or fruity of your plant. It will cause no damage but it will stop the bugs from eating your produce.




Simply bury a clove of garlic at the foot of two plants, positioned in between them, this will protect both the roots and deter air-bound insects from eating away at your flower, fruit or vegetables. As the garlic decays it will become more pungent, making this a highly effective, long term preventative measure. One bunch of garlic can protect an entire harvest from being devoured before you have a chance to get to it.

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If you wish to deter snails and slugs then you can employ the use of a snail trap, or simply just sprinkle salt around the entire garden bed or around your plant in its container. The presence of soil will keep these pests away whilst providing a source of sodium for your plants to thrive on. Try throwing some eggshells in the mix for some extra nutrients.

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