How To Make Coffee At Home With An Espresso Machine

Have you ever yearned for a hot fresh coffee after waking up or before going to bed? The amazing thing is that you can actually prepare this at home. If you can do some research at and practice sufficiently, your coffee will be perfect!

Spending some time in doing a course will enhance your enjoying of espresso coffee making. Ensure that you have the correct grind. In fact, your coffee should have a consistency that is similar to the sand when rubbed between the fingers.

Remember, your coffee will taste only as good as the water that you used. There are some unwelcome minerals and sediments that will interfere with your drink if they are not removed upfront. Fortunately, most hardware stores have test kits that you can purchase.

Fill the machine reservoir

First, hook your espresso reservoir to your water line and ensure that it is cold and filtered. Water treatment is a very important step since distilled water will do a serious damage to your boiler while hard water will accumulate in large scale. If you are sure that your water is fine you can continue.

Turn on your machine

Once you have put on your machine give it enough time to heat up. This could take 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the machine. Don’t assume that the coffee is ready as soon as you have reached the brewing temperature. Hold on a little longer until you are sure that everything is fine

Lock an empty portafilter

This will bring fresh water to the front and boil the parts that are closer to coffee. Clean the inside of portafilter and the underside of the group head so that they are dry and clean. Next, grind a few beans to ensure that they are fine. Note: when you rub coffee between your palms it should not feel gritty. Later, put 18 to 20 grams of coffee into a portafilter.

Press evenly

Tamp with your arm, wrist and elbow positioned directly over the machine. Using your fingertips, focus on pressing evenly until you can feel the edge of the basket then inspect to check whether everything is fine. Return the portafilter to the group head and start making your coffee. Once you have fresh coffee pre-infuse until you see the first drops exit portafilter.

Signs of a good coffee

Before a steady stream of coffee comes out, the machine will deliver drops. Fresh coffee will come out when slightly viscous and will look like it wants to spring back to the machine because of the oils found in the beans. More so, it should have a nice creamy top. Lack of this crema means that your coffee is not one of the best.

Important tips

  • Read home espresso machine reviews before choosing and using one!
  • Serve the coffee immediately it is ready. This will ensure that the coffee is taken fresh.
  • Since every machine is different, it is important to learn about the machine you are using and practice how to maintain it well
  • Always use fresh roasted beans and grind them to sugar texture
  • Since making coffee is an art, patience and practice is needed. In fact, you should enjoy your learning curve.

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