How To Buy The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

heavy duty sewing machine

A heavy duty machine is specifically made for larger sewing tasks. It is suitable for handling heavy fabric or large sewing projects that cannot be done using the standard machines. Majority of the sewing machines designed for heavier tasks are indicated HD or Heavy Duty in their names. However, there are some machines which can perform several larger tasks but are not marked as heavy duty.

Tips on How to Buy the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine fromĀ

When selecting a heavy duty machine, it is imperative to have an in depth understanding of what to look for before you buy it.

The price of the sewing machine

Prices are normally based on the number of features the sewing machine has. Older models with fewer features are usually cheaper than newer models which have more features. Some older machines are capable of heavier tasks even if they may not contain the words heavy duty in their brand names.

If you cannot afford a new heavy duty sewing machine, you may opt for an older model so long as it is capable of heavier work. All you need to know is how the machine is built to perform your large and tougher sewing project. Therefore, you should compare the machines and their prices before settling on the one to buy based on your sewing needs and your financial capability.

The Weight of the Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

A heavy duty sewing machine should weigh at least ten pounds. Most models weigh about 20pounds. Heavy weight restricts the machine from moving as you feed the fabric through. The machine can also lie firmly on the table. Therefore, if you are planning for a larger and tougher sewing project you should select a machine with shipping weight of not less than 20 pounds.

The Presser Foot Alternatives for the Heavy Duty Machine

A perfect machine for large sewing project should have a presser foot which is adjustable. The presser foot should let about a quarter inch of fabric or more to be put beneath it still work. Most heavy duty sewing machines have such adjustable presser foot which allows placing of thick fabrics under them. Furthermore, some models have more than one type of foot to suit different kind of projects.

Sewing Table or a Long Arm for the Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

It is exhausting to hold heavier fabrics for long and hence the need for a long arm or table where you can lay the fabric. A sewing table or a long arm also reduces the chances of twisted or irregular stitches. Therefore, if you are engaging in a large sewing project like for items to be sold, you should buy a machine with a long arm or a table. 5. The Stitch Settings of the Heavy Duty Machine A heavy duty machine should have several stitch settings so that it can handle broader fabrics. Normally, thicker or tougher fabrics require longer stitches. For your larger and tough project, you should buy a sewing machine with at least three stitch length alternatives. Conclusion Large and tough sewing projects need heavy duty machines. The above tips on how to buy theĀ Best heavy duty sewing machine can enable you to select a machine that will serve your needs.

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