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The cat eye is universally regarded as a classic look in the entire makeup sphere. This particular application was first brought into prominence way back in the 60s by the silver screen actresses of that era. Up until this moment it has managed to remain one of the most sought after makeup appearance even after all these years. notes that the cat eye is appreciatedĀ for lending an additional glamour to virtually any kind of makeup application.

Most especially for the ladies who are keen on effecting a sultry, mysterious appearance, but wish to keep the rest of their makeup toned down. However, achieving this one of a kind look is not as easy as it may seem on face value. To which end, the following is a step by step guide on how to do cat eye makeup like a pro for those ladies who may be craving for this look. You will need to invest in an appropriate color pencil or a gel eyeliner, a primer and a neutral eye base shadow of your preference.

Preparations and initial application

You will first need to prepare your eyelids with the primer along with dabbing them with the eye base shadow. Commencing from the center of you top eyelid, begin to draw a line that is in close proximity to your eyelashes as you can possibly do. This particular line will play the important role of determining the exact width of the eyeliner. Should you desire a more dramatic appearance, you can make it thick.

Alternatively, for a subdued appearance, you can make it thin. It is critical to note that fashioning a straight line necessitates plenty of practice to get it right. You can either opt for a one stroke line or make use of numerous short strokes. Afterwards, commencing from the inner edge of your eye and moving along the line you have just drawn, draw another one that should be fine.

Create a perfect eyeliner wing

The next step in learning how to do cat eye makeup is to proceed to draw yet another line that begins at the last eyelash and moves in the outward direction. This will go a long way in enabling you to determine the exact height as well as angle of the eyeliner. After accomplishing this wing, draw another line that starts at top eyelash line. Doing this should allow to fashion an empty triangle on the top eyelid.

Should be keen a creating a thicker eyeliner, you can draw a larger triangle. On the other hand, for a subdued look, you can settle for a diminutive triangle, which will end at the outer edge of your eye.

Finishing touches

After doing all this, you can proceed to color the triangle with the color pencil. If you wish to do so, you can also attach false eyelashes to enhance the look. Finally, finish up the cat eye by applying not more than three coats of an elongating and thickening black mascara. Hope this guide on how to do cat eye like a pro has been insightful.

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