Which Are The Most Popular Languages In The World

most spoken languages

Which modern language should I learn? Which is the most useful language to learn? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you five popular languages that are worth learning (besides for English). Here they are!


Spanish, German and French are the most useful world languages after English. In my opinion, Spanish, especially if you live in the United States, is the most useful language to learn. There are 20 countries where Spanish is an official language, it’s spoken in Europe, South, Central and North America and there are about 35 million Spanish speakers in the United States.


French, which is similar to Spanish (they are both Romance languages), is also a world language – it’s spoken in Europe, Africa and North America (Canada, mainly in Quebec). It’s an official language of 30 countries, but most of them are in Africa. If you travel a lot or if there are many French speakers in your city (especially if you live in Canada), it’s a great idea to learn French.

Mandarin Chinese/Japanese/Korean

Asian languages are getting more and more useful. Why? Because most Asian countries are rapidly developing (or are already developed). As a result, the languages of these countries are getting more and more popular. More and more people start to learn Mandarin Chinese. Korean is also a excellent idea, especially if you want to become an ESL teacher there. And Japanese – the language of one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

That’s the answer to your question “which modern language should I learn”! However, don’t forget that you should choose a style that you simply like. The website effortlesslearner puts it very well – You shouldn’t learn a language because it’s popular – you should learn a language because you genuinely want to learn it.

Reaching this new audience entails adapting a website to the target audience’s language, in a way that will be clear and coherent to them; this is known as localizing. Correct localization of websites is always a task best undertaken by a professional translation company. These are easy to locate, and some excellent translation companies in London will successfully undertake this task.

There are many strategies for deciding which languages’ websites should be localized to, but assuming that a product or service is not region or culture specific, a much-used strategy is to localize and market to the top 10 most popular languages on the internet.

This strategy logically utilizes the modus operandi of reaching out to the largest possible audience. A fair comparison of the top 10 internet languages against the rest will demonstrate its worth; the top 10 internet languages make up around 85% of the total languages used on the internet, and the remaining languages combined make up the remaining 15%

.As can be seen, even in the period of a single year, there have been some important changes in the rankings of the top 10 languages. You will note that Russian has been relegated altogether!

The factors driving these changes are varied but in large measure equate to increases in the availability of or access to computers in certain countries; look at the climbers this year…Spanish, French, and Arabic. In their way, the ascent of each of these languages could be said to be attributed to just such a technological spread; Spanish via the Southern Americas, French via its usage in large parts of Africa and Arabic via attempts at modernization throughout most Arab States.

Whatever the cause, though, any company who has a multinational marketing strategy, would be best advised to always keep these language rankings firmly in mind; if marketing expenditure is allocated proportionally to language ranking then disproportionate spends on countries whose positions have changed (see Russia’s change) would skew cost/return ratios detrimentally.

Why Wearing A Sexy Business Dress Never Goes Out Of Style

sexy business dress

We have all heard the maxim, “Dress to impress.” In fact it is a given that how you dress speaks volumes about your character, your self-awareness, and your ability to deliver. When you dress like a bum, people will treat you like one. So when you stare out at your employees, or even yourself in the mirror, how do you look? What message are you sending?

Whether you are attending meetings to hash out problems or if you are applying for a loan, dressing for success is important, according to http://lookingthebusiness.com/. When you dress in a professional manner you are seen as professional. You can even notice a change in your demeanor when you are dressed in business attire. The following are some reasons why wearing a sexy business dress never goes out of style-

1. People’s Perception

Many people including us tend to respect neatly dressed up people. It is not the price of a person’s clothes, but the right dress for the right occasion always strikes positively. When you are at a business meeting with your client, they take you very seriously if you are dressed up according to the occasion.

As a business you can set the dress code and keep it as professional in appearance as you choose. You can keep your employees in dress suits or simply slacks and shirts, etc. You will find that the way you dress as well as your employees or business affiliate dress will set the mood for meetings, luncheons and other business functions.

2. Self Confidence

Many people who have been to business meets encountered problems in casual wear because if your client is a new person, they tend to take you very lightly. This may not be always true, but this happens very often. When you are in the right outfit, you will gain self-confidence and talking with the client is quiet easy.

It comes down to having pride in what you do and the products you deliver. That pride transfers a feeling of quality and value in your customers. That pride in your presentation will also determine how much you can charge your clients.

3. Looking Great Never Stops

Your presentation does not end after you have obtained the new client. In fact in order for you to keep your client, you better perform and present better than when you were trying to attract them. Failure to do so presents doubts in your client’s mind about where there are investing their money and spending their time. That means opportunities for you to lose them to your competitors if you are not presenting your best.

How you present yourself matters, because when given a choice, your client will always choose the option that makes them feel valued and that quality will be delivered. For your business to be profitable, it has to have clients that want value and quality. Otherwise you have just created a commodity mindset and you will always be beaten on price.

Visit a store or click here to see some sexy business dress examples. You can sit down with you employees or affiliates and discuss your clothing ideas, concerns, etc. This can make choosing a dress code much easier to be accepted by your business counterparts. You will find that this along with dressing in a business manner will bring success from the way you and your employees feel and how you begin to portray yourselves.


What To Know About Training A German Shepherd

Training Shepherds

Germany is the home for many dog breeds of which The German Shepherd is the most famous one. Besides its official name, it is also known as GSD, Alsatian, and Deutscher Schaeferhund German Shepherd Dog is one of the most intelligent breeds around the world and dogs of this breed are famous for their extraordinary performance in each and every field. From police and military functions to helping people at the time of need, they have scored high in every field. People have talked about their capabilities a lot on internet as well, one of the sites being germanshepherdandme.

Dogs of this type have quicker learning capability than any other breed in the world and they are very easy to train due to their natural intelligence. The German shepherd can beat many other breeds as well as animals regarding activeness and they are quite alert too. No other animal can be as loyal and brave as a dog of German shepherd breed.

To have a happy life with your pet, you need to ensure that it is correctly trained. A well-trained dog means that you both know what to expect from each other. Through German shepherd training, you won’t have to worry about what might take place once you go out, have visitors, or walk him in the neighborhood. The time that you spend training your dog will pay off tenfold.

Use Proper Tone

Pay attention to your tone of voice when you are disciplining your furry friend. Dogs are usually in tune with human emotions and pick much of that up from your tone of voice. The right firm tone can reinforce a disciplinary message.

Be sure you don’t carry over emotions from outside into your German shepherd training. The dog will detect a distressed tone of voice, and become upset or afraid. The issue here is that you should reprimand your dog only if he did something incorrect a few seconds ago. Otherwise, keep things upbeat.

Show your puppy where to go potty

Don’t let your dog use a wee-wee pad to go potty. The pads in the end leak; leaked urine marks particular locations in the house as “potty areas.” The wee-wee pads could also teach your puppy that anything with similar size and shape is okay to use as their indoor toilet! It’s better to teach dogs that they are to go potty outside only.

Make sure that your canine friend associates one word with one discrete behavior. Dogs respond well to this because it helps them to understand what you are searching for from them when you speak a certain way. The best idea is to remain consistent. Your success rate in training your furry friend will likely be higher if you adhere to these tips.

Seek professional advice where necessary

Do not be frightened to ask a professional to work with your dog. If you’re not getting the desired result, it may be time for you to call in reinforcements. Work with a professional trainer to establish a better program.

German shepherd training is big on making rules for the relationship the same way would with people, you’ll have such a better time with each other once the rules are in place. Remember that reinforcement is important if you want your pet to keep his new skills. Remain aware of his behaviors, and always stay consistent with praise and correction. As soon as your pet becomes used to training, there’s no end to what you can achieve.

How To Potty Train A Girl

potty train a girl

Learning how to potty train your girl should be a positive experience for you and your child. However, to succeed, you will need to take several things into account. First, is the understanding that it is a normal personal task. Remember that the task at hand is all about your child or children. He or she is the star in this situation, and you are the assistant. It is your responsibility to help as much as possible when he or she needs you. Other than that, you should keep an eye out for the natural signs your child will display when she or he is ready to potty train.

Easier for Girls

If you have a young girl, then you may have heard that training a girl to use the potty can take less time than it does for a boy. While it may be true that toilet training girls can sometimes take a shorter amount of time, this in no way means that it applies to every girl. You should also remember that the first step to take in the process is to gain the trust and confidence of your little girl, and everything else will follow. Additionally, understand that she will be a pottytrainedkids as soon as she is ready and not a minute before. Let’s have a look at some tips on how to potty train a girl.

Sings that she is ready for Potty Training

There are some telltale signs that your young miss is ready to try using the toilet. One of the most obvious signs is a refusal to wear a wet diaper or pull-up. This means that she has identified the feeling of wetness or potty against her skin and she does not like it. Another sign is her growing curiosity about using the toilet. She may want to follow you in when you use the bathroom. At this stage, you can begin talking to her about “big girl panties” and using the “big girl toilet.” It may help her identify that when she feels the urge to use the bathroom that she should do it in the toilet instead of in her diaper or pull-up.

Getting her accustomed to her potty means sitting her on it several times a day. Once she shows that she can control herself consistently, allow her to go to the potty chair on her own. Once she is comfortable with the little potty, it will be time to transition her to the main toilet.


Always encourage her during potty training and praise her when she successfully gets the job done, and don’t forget to teach proper hygiene. Allow her to learn on her schedule, and the process will go much faster, in the end. A large part of getting it right is to try and try again until the concept is finally understood and conquered.

Figuring out how to potty train your little girl can be helped by taking her shopping for some pretty “big girl” undies or by the many potty training products on the market, such as potty dolls, videos, and books.

Although there may be a few difficulties to contend with when undertaking the process of potty training your daughter, with a little understanding, patience and commitment, you can teach her how to use the potty in no time at all and with little stress.

Of course, you can start training straight away; there is no need to wait for the signs of readiness in your child before learning more about how to potty train your child. You can learn more about it today to prepare yourself for potty training your child at home for success fast.

How To Become An Organic Gardener

organic gardener

Over the years, organic farming has proved to be worth the time and effort that is put into it. There are many benefits of organic farming and this is what many people are opting for. Organic farming functions to reduce pollution since compost manure is used in place of the chemical fertilizers that are used on farms.

Organic farming also produces healthful crops, is inexpensive and self-regenerating. These are some of the reasons why many want to venture into it but the question is ‘How do you do it?’. Below is an excerpt from gardeningnerd that offers guides on how you can start from scratch and work your way up to successful organic gardening.

1. The Basics

Ensure that you prepare the soil for you to get the best results. You will not be happy if your plants wither away despite the time and effort that you invested in your garden. Get the soil on your garden tested to gauge its quality by simply sending a sample to your local agricultural extension officer. It is also best to choose the right seeds. To accomplish this, you can consult farmer’s market and know what you should or should not introduce to your garden.

2. Organic Compost

This kind of manure can be made quite easily, all you have to do is acquire a compost bin and ensure that the only material that goes in is organic waste, by this, you will create manure that is free of harmful chemicals. For a perfect compost, measure out a space say measure a space say three feet square. Your compost pile can be a contained within a custom made bin. Then add alternating layers of brown material such as dry leaves and sugarcane cuttings and add green material such as kitchen waste and animal waste and add on it a thin layer of soil in between the layers.

Add to the pile three inches of soil and turn the pile occasionally as new layers are added plus water to keep the heap moist for microbial activities to take place. Turn the heap in a two-week time interval to allow circulation of air.

3. Pest and weed control

Since the main goal of organic gardening is to embrace nature, chemicals do not feature in the practices that are carried out on these gardens, but by going organic does not imply that pests will be kept at bay by a miracle, still there can be found organic forms of pest control. Mulch comes in handy for a case of weeds as it prevents weeds from going through the soil. Mulch exists in forms such as, dead leaves, tree bark and grass clippings.

Organic farming has proved a success to many but also many have failed. It all narrows down to how keenly you implement the procedures to gardening.Your success will be dependent on your hard work, dedication and persistence, but the major success will only come after you embrace nature. For most things it is always a matter of trial and error, however, nature follows totally different rules thus it thrives forever. Finally, ensure you conduct several health checks for you to produce healthy and fully blossomed plants.

Which Are The Best Hedgehog Cages


Choosing a Cage

When one is making a choice for a hedgehog cage, you have to bear in mind the importance of this decision for your pet. Its cage as well as surroundings are worthy attention if shaping your pet’s quality and long life.

Whilst in the wild, researchers state that hedgehog travel distances of about 4-7 miles per night. If given plenty of room, hedgehogs will generally be healthier and happier as they can both exercise and travel around.

Recommended Cage Sizes

The minimum recommended size according to most hedgehog devotees is24 inches x 24 inches or four square feet.

More such important imformation is available at allpetcages.comIt must have the suitable size for accessories like a rolling wheel, box for brooding, sleeping area or nesting enclosure, and feeding area for your pet’s convenience.

A wide variety for types of enclosures for hedgehogs are available on the market. Essentially, the chosen cage should have enough room, well ventilated, easy to clean and able to accommodate other additional sources of heat where necessary.

However, safety is always key in preventing any form of escape as it is laborious to search for a missing hedgehog.

Types of Wire Cages

1. Cages made of Wire

These consist of a concrete end with a hollow pan.Generally have great aeration, can as well be easily added extra heat sources.

A major advantage of these is their tailor made design for small mammals hence there is adequate space as compared to small animal or bird cages.

Importantly,the best hedgehog cage of this type are strong enough to adequately accommodate hedgehogs and most are able to protect them from other pets and small children. Nevertheless, one may notice a huge difference in quality and some brands are easily damaged in daily maintenance.

2. Pans

Usually the most preferred choice as of these are the deep pans as compared to more shallow pans. These deep hedgehog dwellings have a two-fold task of housing the bedding and inhibit the pet from possible escape through climbing.

In general, plastic pans are preferred to metal pans. Even though both are light weight – plastic is rust-free and will maintain its integrity over time. Metal on the other hand rusts becoming harder to clean and disinfect as compared to plastic.

3. Marchiaro cages.

Consisting of a wired top – hinged together by a dual connecting device. A fascinating characteristic is that it has unique locks on the doors, held at the topmost layer and the edges.

4. Plastic Cages

A popular cage according to most hedgehog breeders.


· Affordable.

· Convenient and portable.

· Can be cleaned easily.

· Lids can be left on, drilled or cut in the middle for ventilation


· Trouble in creating enough space for pets.

· Limited access to your pets if you want to view them.


5. Glass Containers

Children often like to use emptied aquariums as see through structures for them to physically observe the hedgehogs daily.

These structures however require space for the pets to play and move around easily. Also one would need bigger aquariums/glass containers to house their pets.

Can be dangerous if small children mill around the structure and they pose an easy escape route for the hedgehogs.



How Bluetooth Speakers Help You Enjoy Your Music Everywhere


Whether you are on the go or relaxing at home, there is an easy way to make music that you are playing on your smartphone or tablet – simply pair them with Bluetooth speakers. They are popular because of their portability and can serve all of your music needs. These are one of the most versatile devices out there in the market, and every brand has the best bluetooth speaker in their product line competing in the market. With a plethora of options, choosing the right one may be a task. Hence, there are certain pointers that you need to keep in mind when purchasing:

Size & Shape

Size and shape are some of the important aspects that you need to look for, as that determines the portability. For traveling convenience you can opt for a compact smaller Bluetooth speaker, as they are small in size (ultra-portable), they can easily fit in your briefcase, backpack or purse.

Weather-resistant for outdoor adventure

If you are a person who enjoys outdoor sports and activities, then you might look for a speaker that suits your lifestyle. Weather-resistant speakers are often built to be shock-resistant and dust-resistant.

Extra power for your smartphone

Speakers come with built-in recharger or a USB charging port that allows you to use the internal battery to charge your phone or tablet when it runs out of charge.

Battery Life

Battery life plays an important role when you go for outdoors, look for speakers that have good battery life and ones that can last for a longer duration.

Some Bluetooth speakers also have built-in microphones that work as speakerphones. When you get a call on your smartphone, it routes to the speaker that gives you the option of accepting the call or you can choose to continue listening to music. These give you high-performance music whatever version your smartphone streams, you will be able to play your music. There are some of the compact speaker systems designed for home use; these offer more spacious while still being portable and support all types of devices. These are ideal for offices, dorm rooms or apartments and a great choice to listen to music without having anything connected to them.

Enjoy the real fun while going out on a picnic with your friends or family members by carrying a set of Bluetooth speakers along with. You can imagine how good it would be when you will play your favorite music at a loud tone to fill the environment with your personal sound quality. You can get crystal clear sound by choosing the speakers of a branded company. You can compare the features and performance of speakers of different companies to choose the best portable speakers. It may take some time, but this will help you to get the real worth of your money. These are affordable, and these are specifically designed to work with different types of devices that have Bluetooth technology.

All laptops have the bluetooth capability with stereo speaker systems, instead of connecting your laptop’s headphone, these can help you connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. You can move from one place to another without having to unplug these speakers. Carrying case and handles are important to keep them safe and secure.

With the advent of e-commerce websites, now you can buy Bluetooth speakers online. You can choose from various brands like Philips, JBL Pulse, DigiFlip, Sony, BEST, Good, Jabra Solemate, Portronics, Ultimate Ears Mobile Boombox, HDMX Audio JAM Classic, Skullcandy Ringer, Creative, Logitech, Mitashi, Nude Audio Nude Move and so on. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient and these devices are available in a variety of colors.

3 Secrets To Hiring A Trustworthy Landscaping Company


It is an unarguable fact that your property’s appearance and value will increase if it has beautiful landscaping. However, this doesn’t just happen by itself; someone needs to create and maintain your gardens. Therefore, you’ll have to hire a Landscaping Henderson company to do this job.

A good property management company will also offer landscaping services. Make sure that you consider the following things when you hire a property management company to look after your gardens:

Supervision and Certification

The company should get work done under the supervision of a certified landscape contractor. Landscaping is a highly specialized field and only a knowledgeable and experienced person will be able to do a good job. The people working on your garden should also be well trained.

Variety of Services

The company should offer a variety of services that you could need. If you do not have a garden as of now then you’ll need help with landscape design and installation. However, if you already have a garden then you’ll need help with maintenance. This includes trimming, pruning, weeds and pest control, especially according to the needs of the season. Lawns and trees are particularly difficult to maintain without help.


You should be offered a lot of flexibility in choosing the services so that you do not have to pay for more than you actually require. For instance, you might require seasonal maintenance as well as weekly maintenance plans for certain services. At the same time, you might require someone to water your plants on a daily basis if your gardens are extensive. It is best to deal with a company that offers you customized solutions to your needs.

You’ll need to consider how affordable the landscaping services are. If budget is a constraint then you should ask your landscaper to create a garden that doesn’t take a lot of money to create and maintain.

Once you have chosen the landscaping company you would like to work with, give them a call to schedule a consultation. At that point, you can ask for a free estimate. Remember, the landscaping contractor will give you an “estimate” of how much it will cost. The landscaper will have to survey your property before giving you an official price

During the appointment, the landscaping architect will discuss with you the kind of landscaping design you are aiming for. They will also present you with their portfolio containing photos of their previous landscaping projects. Some landscaping companies will display their portfolio on their website.

Finding a professional landscaping company is not much of a hassle after all. All it takes is a little time and research. You will eventually find a good landscaping company at a reasonable price. One way to help give your landscaper a clearer understanding of what you want is to take a photo of the kind of landscape you are looking for.

Finally, you will save a great deal of time and effort if you hire a property management company to look after your garden. A certified property manager will oversee the maintenance of your garden and this will ensure that the value of your real estate investments is increased.

You will be glad to have a lush and beautiful garden with the above 3 secrets to hiring a trustworthy landscaping company without having to put in any time or effort to create or maintain it.


Which Is The Best Playhouse In The Market

best playhouse

One way to express our love to our young ones is by offering them with great and fun playing platforms and toys. The joy and pleasure that the kids source from playing and engaging in fun activities is immeasurable. In the process of getting a Playhouseguru for you kid it might be a little difficult to pick the best playhouse for your kid. In this article I am going to highlight the various features and qualities of best playhouses available in the market.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

This playhouse has numerous fun features that will be great for your kid. Its chalkboard, phone, table, a gas pump, a pretentious ATM machine and shelves are some features that make the Tikes Town Playhouse to be used as a firehouse. Other features such as crawl-through tunnel, soccer net and a sports ball improve the usability of this playhouse and your kid can use it as a school house as wel. With all these fun features your kid will never be bored when playing in this playhouse.

Neighborhood Fun Center Playhouse

This is one of the best Kids Playhouse out there, its advanced and multiple features allows for numerous fun games. The playhouse comes with 2 balls and 4 rings. It has an open front area with two seats and a table, this area acts a small snack shop. The playhouse has two different entrances and small door that kids can crawl through to get in and out, the entrance is a nice half door. This is the best playhouse for a small number of kids to play on as it offers features for numerous fun activities.

Neat and Tidy II Cottage Playhouse

This playhouse is designed to resemble a little cute home, with flower boxes and shelves inside the house the imagination of your little one is pushed to the limit. This is one of the safest playhouses in the market. Its open design allows for easy monitoring of your kids when they are playing in it.

Little Tikes Picnic Patio Playhouse

This playhouse is one of its own, its picnic seats and a table on one side offers your kid with the unique ability to relive the experience she/he enjoyed when she was out at the family picnic. To the interior the playhouse has a small kitchen with pretentious burners, a fireplace and a small cupboard for a complete kitchen experience. With a sounding doorbell, electronic phone and a small electronic phone this playhouse allows your kid to play multiple fun games.

Kidkraft Woodland Playhouse

This is the best wooden playhouse for your kid. The entire structure of the playhouse is crafted out of wood and the roof is made of hard plastic which is fabricated to look like a cottage roof. According to the playhouse reviews, the interior of the playhouse has a sink and knobs, with an outdoor grill counter this playhouse offers your kid with a big room for numerous fun games.

Playing in these playhouses has numerous health benefits and this helps develop your child physically and socially as well.


Buying A High Chair Can Be Easy – Here’s How

buying a high chair is easy

With babies being the most precious possession in a family, many people have a hard time trying to choose the best high chair for their baby as he/she starts learning how to sit down alone. This is because most parents would like to purchase a high chair that is comfortable for their babies and at the same time, providing a safe environment for their baby to practice how to sit by himself. However, buying a high chair is simpler than it may seem which can also be done online on sites like  http://www.highchairz.com/. Here is how to do it by considering several factors:


High chairs come in different designs, depending on what the customer is willing to buy. The design of the high chair that you are willing to buy, should be very friendly to your child and should allow your child to be very comfortable when using it. It is therefore very crucial to know what your child likes in order to be able to pick a design that he/she will like and enjoying while using during this stage of his life. The design so chosen should also have enough space for your child to use while sitting and also allow you to easily carry around in your house or when you need to use it outside your house.


When using a high chair, the safety of your child is definitely a priority to you and hence the chair that you are going to buy for your child should be able to assure you of that. The high chair, therefore, has to be made of nice material, without any rough or sharp edges that may hurt your child whenever he is using it. To further assure the safety of your child, you will need to choose a chair that can effectively confine your child to it while sitting to avoid him falling off the chair while trying to stand up. The chair also needs to be very stable as children tend to be very playful at this stage and hence this ensure that he/she does not fall off the chair.

Ease to Clean

As long as your child is using a high chair, it will come into contact with food particles and hence it is very good for you to acquire a chair that you can easily clean. The cracks on the chair also need to be minimized to allow you clean and dry it off very easily.

Mobility of the chair

Other than being able to take your baby’s high chair to different places in and outside your house, you should also buy a chair that allows your baby to exercise by moving around with it. This means that a chair which has wheels is always the best for your baby as it allows your baby to roll and move around easily even if your child is not fully grown to walk by himself.


Having in mind that your child will use this chair for 1 or 2 years, then you should buy a chair that is strong and durable enough to be used daily for this period. The chair will also need to be properly designed to enable it to accommodate your child as he/she grows.

After considering all these high chair reviews, you will be assured that you will be buying the best high chair without being confused about what type of high chair is best for you.